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COPA Flight 149 Meetings

Meetings are usually on the third Thursday of the month

(Occasionally meetings are replaced by Special Events as announced on this web site)

Next Meeting: 19:00 Thursday, March 16, 2023 Air Cadet Hall Hangar #3

                          COPA Flight 149             COPA149 Captain: Adrian Verburg                                     

                                                                    Cell: 905-733-0542 (preferred)

                                                                   Home: 905-774-8283 


* Discover Aviation

* Admin Building hrs  Defibrillator


* In Flight Frequencies Hand out

* Discussion on Flight Planning

* COPA fly-outs

* Coffee and snacks by Hortense   50/50

* Video on cross country flying

* New business

    * Adjournment

Dates for Meetings in 2022-2023:

Explanation: We have been holding our last few meetings in the Air Cadet Hall, since the space at the Admin Building has become somewhat confined for our growing membership.  Due to a conflict in scheduling, we will be moving our meeting dates from the third Tuesday of the month to the third Thursday of the month.  Our meeting dates for 2022 - 2023 will be:

Oct 20 Nov 17 Dec 15 Jan 19 Feb 16 Mar 16 Apr 20 May 18

Dates for our summer BBQs will be announced in the spring of 2023.

Air cadet hall Hangar 3.

Air Cadet Hall (Hangar #3)