COPA 149 Hosts the Interprovincial Air Tour

2022-06 COPA 149 Hosts the Interprovincial Air Tour

The Inter Provincial Air Tours began in 2008. Modeled after the Michigan Air Tours, Ron and Carol Cook were the primary organizers up to 2017. Lee Arsenault and Marilyn Staig have taken over the role as organizers, and in 2019 announced there would be a Southern Ontario Air Tour in 2020, with CNQ3 being one of the over-night stops. Typically the air tours span three days and are limited to 50 aircraft. Each air tour usually becomes fully booked soon after it is announced. Air tours are organized to bring aviators together, to promote safety and skills, to widen aviators' experiences and to promote the value of local airports .

Along came Covid and the 2020 and 2021 Air tours were cancelled. With the easing of Covid restrictions in 2022. the Air tour was a go and first day and night were at CNQ3.

COPA 149 was the host for the 2022 Air Tour, organizing the first day and over-night at NCDRA. On Thursday June 2 we soon had 44 aircraft parked along 16/34. Lunch on the first day was provided by COPA 149 to approximately 120 participants and volunteers. The evening saw the Air Tour participants enjoying a wonderful meal at Calamus Winery and the over-night stay at the Best Western hotel in Welland. Friday morning saw the 44 aircraft depart CNQ3 for Centralia, the next stop on the tour.

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Thanks to Adrian Verburg for this information.