The Administration Building Project

2012 The Administration Building Project

Source and Funding: In 2012 a 750 sg ft mobile home was added to the airport. This mobile home was donated to the airport by a COPA 149 member and most of the renovation and relocation work was completed by COPA 149, all at no cost to the airport. This cooperative project between COPA 149 and the Airport Commission was partially funded by the Commission as to the site work, actual moving and hook ups.

Role at the Airport: This building, now known as the Administration Building, provides an office for the Commission and the airport manager. It is considered as the on-site airport office. A pilot lounge with coffee and snacks as well as internet access, is accessible by pilots 24/7. This provides a convenient area for flight planning and general use. The lounge tables and chairs can be quickly adjusted to create a meeting space for the Airport Commission as well as other groups connected with the operation of the airport.

Services: The building is handicapped accessible and provides a barrier free washroom for the airport. The lounge provides a refrigerator, coffee machine and microwave oven for general use.

Slide Show: Establishing the Administration Building